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25 WEST - vienna lager, ne ipa

ITASCA BREWING - meemaws, pils, borrach obama*

OFF COLOR - apex predator, troublesome, tooth and claw, very very far

PIPEWORKS - premium pilsner, brewnicornski, ninja vs haze*

IMPERIAL OAK - imperial l'oak-o, mai way or the highway

BLUE ISLAND - english manor, jerk store stout, hard luck ipa, massive political corruption

OSWEGO BREWING - captain kolsch, haze for horses

350 BREWING - killer hops from outer space, shake city strawberry

ALTER - bleacher seat, center line, hopular kid, barrel-aged cherry smash ton*

CHURCH STREET - heavenly helles, devils advocate, brimstone, ne ipa*

TIGHTHEAD - bears choice, scarlet fire, gogo wit, comfortably blonde

BUCKLEDOWN - cactus pants, kuma's collab

METAL MONKEY - metalmorphesis, burn the sun

HALF ACRE - daisy cutter, pony, bodem*

BENT RIVER - cuke nukem, sensual chocolate

WHISKEY HILL - hill sugga, run to the rhythm

SOLEMN OATH - lu, butterfly flashmob, baise*

TRIBES - zero to 100, tiny bubbles

FLESK - so-crates, ne ipa

WOLFDEN - honeydew howl, awib

OBSCURITY - hazy, kolsch

ALARMIST - crispy boy, le jus, citra le jus*

2 FOOLS - for the boys n berries, rose

LAKE ZURICH - warmouth, velvet green

SKELETON KEY - cold fresh joy, skeleton tree

BBGB - soul shaker, futureman

TWISTED HIPPO - plumpass, bees sleaze, cabana fan*

LAGUNITAS - lil sumpin sumpin, lagur, pils, citrusenisis*

BOULEVARD - unfiltered wheat, lemon/ginger radler, space camper

VIRTUE - rose, brut, michigan apple

FOUNDERS - solid gold, all day ipa, green zebra, rubaeus

BRICKSTONE - apa, hop skip, permanent vacation, hazy mission*

NOON WHISTLE - gummypocalypse, guava smack

MORE - dusty, villa

HUBBARDS CAVE - vtwenty something, tripel

TEMPERANCE - gate crasher, restless years, birdsong, brume*

MAPLEWOOD - son of juice, charlatan, fizzle drizzle*

BEGYLE - blonde, hop hazardly, free bird

CRYSTAL LAKE - busted prop, beach blonde, real juicy

POLLYANNA - summerly, four chord wonder, kiwi allure*

GOOSE ISLAND - dry hopped 312, next coast, spf*

DOVETAIL - helles, lager

SCORCHED EARTH - berry nice, bitter choclatier, hickster

KINGS AND CONVICTS - kings bitch, hougoumont

REVOLUTION - sun crusher, cryo hero, freedom of speach, everyday hero

RIGHT BEE - dry, semi-dry, blossom

SKETCHBOOK - ripe now, orange door

LUCKY MONK - confessional, kolsch

TANGLED ROOTS - river raptor, king kupta

MARZ - no call no show, dank grass

GUNCRAFT - 2nd amendment, m4, fal, tactical

WHINER - le tub, hell kitty, miaou, bubble tub

ONE TRICK PONY - stormcat, perpendicular


*vip beer






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